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Every developing economy brings an implication of quality improvement. Better quality products require more sophisticated equipment. It was in this situation that PT MAJU BERSAMA was first originated and the same situation has seen us grow to what we are now.

We are strongly marked by togetherness as abviously pronounced in our company name ; and it is with this identity that we have engraved our signature in the business arena as a national enterprise daring to compete in the global competition.

Togetherness has always been our capital foundation which is reflected in the relations between the management and the staff, amongst the employees, and most importantly between our customers and our people.

The nature of our products is very much determined by our customer needs. Consequently every piece of our products is formed by the spirit of togetherness combining the specific needs of our customers and the expertise of our people. We are in business because of our customers ; our progress is determined by our customers and the progress of our customers will be in the same line of our progress. Come and progress together with us to attain your success !

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